Go For the Food: Traverse City, Michigan’s Harvest

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — Let’s face it: In today’s hurry-up culture, there always will be a need for fast food. Even when you’re enjoying a leisurely vacation in a place like Traverse City, a Lake Michigan resort community with a nationwide reputation for restaurants serving high-quality, farm-to-table fare. Read More Here..


Roaming Harvest, one of the first food trucks parked at Traverse City’s Little Fleet restaurant, now has a sister store that stays put.  Simply known as Harvest, Simon Joseph’s new venture is in a little standalone building between Front and Park streets, behind Union Street Station. Read More…

Harvest Takes Root!

Via the Traverse City Record-Eagle: TRAVERSE CITY — Simon Joseph spent the past two years building his brand-on-wheels — the boxy uniform delivery truck he remodeled into Roaming Harvest, a rolling kitchen and restaurant.

Harvest is Open!

Harvest Restaurant opened for business on June 9, 2014. Thanks to everyone who helped us make it happen!!

Q&A with Simon Joseph about Harvest

MyNorth’s Adrienne Roberts sat down with Simon to talk about his new Harvest restaurant. Here’s a taste: Can you briefly profile Harvest? Harvest is the new spin-off restaurant from Roaming Harvest, the food truck. It’s going to feature a similar menu. We’re going to have a section that actually is “Food Truck Favorites,” but with a full commercial kitchen, it’s going to allow us to branch out and do some new things. We’re sticking with the local, sustainable theme. What made you decide to open a restaurant? We were going to open another food truck to fill the demand, if you will, but the trick of it is food trucks aren’t that lucrative in the winter. It was that combined with the fact that this building actually opened up the day I decided that a restaurant was something to consider. I’ve always loved this building, too. How has it been transitioning from a food truck to a restaurant? Do you think this transition is occurring more often? The food truck, in this economy, is a great way for people to test their brand, which is what we did. You’re beta testing your brand and you’re finding out if people really Read More...

“Harvest” the new restaurant from Roaming Harvest!

(Feb 14, 2014) In this morning’s Traverse City Ticker, Beth Milligan breaks the big news about our new venture: A local food truck owner who helped pave the way for mobile vendors in Traverse City last year is ready for his next big challenge: opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant in the city’s downtown district. Simon Joseph, who launched “locally focused street food” truck Roaming Harvest in 2012, is preparing to open a new restaurant called Harvest in a 1,600 square-foot brick building in the alley between Union and Cass streets, formerly home to Likam’s Bake Shop. The 30-seat business, opening this summer, will feature many of the dishes popularized by Joseph’s truck – such as Korean beef tacos and ginger sage hash – plus several new options in a self-seated, counter-service eatery. “The menu will be our same brand of street food and locally focused food,” explains Joseph, who adds the Roaming Harvest food truck will also remain in operation. “But the restaurant will allow us to do some new and exciting things, to push the boundaries of what we can do.” The entrepreneur, who says he initially considered expanding by purchasing another truck, had only recently begun entertaining the possibility Read More...

TC’s Best Eats

Traverse Magazine’s Jenny Buechel reports from Traverse City, the Foodie Capital of the Midwest in this video on Traverse City’s best eats that includes Roaming Harvest.

Road Food

OCTOBER 8, 2012 – Rick Coates had a nice profile of Roaming Harvest & Simon in the Express that says (in part): Simon Joseph, proprietor of Roaming Harvest, a food truck focused on local foods, sees all of this as a great thing for Traverse City. “All great food towns have food trucks and wagons downtown,” said Joseph. “It is part of the culture of all food cities and Traverse City is a world-renowned destination and part of the allure is our food.” Joseph supports the City developing policies that work for all involved. “I agreed to serve on the committee and we have met and discussed several ideas to date,” he said. “I really feel we are headed in the right direction and the end result will be policies that benefit all involved. I don’t want to speculate on the final outcome as the discussion process is still going on, but I am confident in the final product.” Roaming Harvest is a fully-loaded kitchen on wheels that launched in mid-July with a focus on local foods. “We are all about local, local, local, as well as sustainability,” said Joseph. “Plus, when possible, we use organically-grown items from the region. Read More...

Roaming Harvest restaurant on wheels features local foods

August 16, 2012 – Detailed feature on the opening of our food truck in August of 2012 via the Traverse City Record-Eagle: Its slogan may be “locally focused street food,” but don’t confuse Roaming Harvest with a street-corner hot dog cart or taco stand. The Traverse City business is actually a mobile restaurant complete with commercial kitchen, including running water, a commercial cookline and two refrigerators. And, like a growing number of area restaurants, it’s devoted to foods grown, raised or otherwise produced by local businesses and sustainable farms. “We’re focused locally first, sustainably second, and organically third,” said Simon Joseph, owner of Roaming Harvest with his wife, Traverse City native and CPA Rebecca Brown. “We believe there’s a lot of benefits beyond health and enjoyment. It’s important to support the local economy.” The grab-and-go restaurant, a 24-foot step van formerly owned by a Grand Rapids uniform service, opened July 14. Read on for more at the Record-Eagle.